Antarvasna Hindi Sex Story 2022

maa beta ki antarvasna
Antarvasna Hindi Sex Story 2022

He brought his fingers out and slurped on the honey coated on his fingers. The look of pleasure and lust 

on his fingers threatened to set me alight again. I stared at him as he licked his fingers and laid them 

back on my cunt to scoop up more honey and lick his fingers again. He looked at me and said " Neha, 

my darling, you don't know how long your brother has been waiting to taste this nectar. This is the 

sweetest of all cunt juices I have tasted." I don't know whether he was telling me indirectly of his being 

an experienced lover or directly of how sweet my cunt honey was or maybe both.antarvasna story

When he finished with emptying my cunt and eating with his fingers, my energy had recharged. I 

wondered how his mouth would feel as his tongue scooped up the honey directly. His nose pressing on 

my clit and his chin on my nether-hole as his tongue laved and penetrated my cunt. I was thrilled at all 

the pleasure I knew my lover would give me.antarvasna

At that thought, as I sat on his thigh, I rose up. He was sitting, half sprawled on the couch, eyes closed, 

as if intoxicated with my juices. I could see the huge bulge in his pants. I had to have it today. I had to 

have it now. I had been denied the pleasure of it's company for too long. I needed to be introduced 

properly to my brother's cock, so that we could give each other the pleasure, we were entitled to have. I 

knelt in front of him and pressed my fingers to the button of his jeans.antarvasna hindi

He sprang up....he could see the unmistakable lust and intention in my eyes, my face, my hands and my 

whole form. I was shaking with the intense need to release his cock, view its grandeur and experience 

its hard strength. My feminine core was crying out to be penetrated by him. My mouth was eager to 

taste him and my hands were quivering to hold him.antarvasna hindi story

He bent down and whispered in my ears" Neha, you don't know how much I want to sink deep into you. 

But if I do it now, I will be trapped forever. I will never be able to let go. I will fuck you again and again 

till I go mad. I will pour my seed into you till your cunt is flooded". I was confused because all I really 

wanted was exactly that. In any case if he was going to get trapped in my cunt now, so would he be 

trapped whenever he did it. Was he just being a gentleman and not want to take advantage of my 

eagerness! Was he being a cautious man and wanted to wait till I was legally eligible in a short time. All 

I really wanted him to be was a man and fuck me hard. I had waited long enough for my lover to fuck me, but he kept putting it antarvasna

He then added "Darling, if you started doing it, you will do anything to kerp getting it". But that was 

what I wanted. He said " You will be my bitch, my slut to keep getting your heart's desire". That was 

exactly what I wanted to be- his queen, his darling, his lover, his slut and his bitch. He then said " You 

will whore yourself to keep getting it". I wanted him so bad that it hurt. Being his whore would be a pleasure compared to my present pain of not being with him.antarvasna chachi

I looked away in frustration. He hugged me and said the wait was almost over. He then told me to wait 

and went out of my room. He returned with a paper shopping bag. In it was a red Neckline, backless 

Short Mini White Sequin Beaded Club Cocktail Party Dress. I took off the orange knickers I had on and 

put on the dress. The dress was held up by two bands that went round my shoulders that left my back 

bare and my braless breasts mostly exposed. The dress came upto the middle of my thighs.

He held out a red lace panty with open crotch design, open back with cage strap detail and a small black 

satin bow in front. As pulled them on and smoothened the dress over it, he held out another bag. A pair 

of black come-fuck-me stilettoes. The butter soft leather straps reaching to the middle of my calves. I 

turned to the mirror and looked at myself. His hands held out one last thing. Red lipstick. With the 

lipstick on, I looked again at myself. I looked like a princess- an expensive princess, a slut- an expensive slut and a bitch who wanted to be her lover's whore.antarvasna hindi kahaniya

He asked if I would go to a party with him that evening. I nodded yes. He held my hand and took me to 

his room. As I sat on his bed, he undressed and shaved. He then came back and pulled on a silk teardrop 

mesh brief. He looked so sexy- I had no idea that men could wear sexy underwear too. He brushed his 

hair. He then pulled on a grey slimfit cashmere henley shirt and woolen slacks. I rose up, went near him, 

unbuttoned the shirt and mussed up his hair. From a handsome young man he went to a utterly pleasurable hunk.antarvasna hindi kahaniya

As we walked down, we looked like a couple that looked delicious- made to fuck and made for fucking. My darling brother and lover was introducing me to yet another major thing in life- parties.He settled 

me in the red Porsche Boxter that he had got as a gift earlier that year. We zoomed off and I felt just like 

a slut, only thing was- I was still not yet fully taken. I had so much more to pleasure to experience.It 

was early evening when we set out. The sun had set- the sun of unpitying light. The light of social 

values. It was about to be moonrise time. The moon of my carnal pleasures would rise soon and I would 

be in heaven with my lover. The car sped across the city with the traffic quite dense for that time. I 

looked at my lover intent on driving me to paradise. His handsome face had an uncharacteristic frown 

on it.I had always seen him smiling and happy. He was the golden boy who always dis well, everything 

he did. A smile on his handsome face, a spring in his athletic legs and a gleam in his eyes. I saw him 

grow from a handsome boy to a hunky man. I knew he was the one for for me from the moment I 

started understanding the world around me. When female hormones started surging in my blood, it was 

his face that roused my passion. When my budding breasts tingled it was his you g and fit body that 

brought the tingling. When there was a buzz between my legs as a growing girl it was his thoughts that brought the buzz.antarvasna hindi kahaniya

When I was very young and a bud, my petals still tightly coiled, there were the boys at school exploring 

bodies, the occasional old teacher leching after students who would brush my body- bringing slight 

tingles. When he looked at me, it felt his gaze alone would unfold my petals. It was touching his picture 

that made me wet between my legs, at an age when I had no idea of what the wetness meant. It was 

touching his picture to my tight breast- buds petals that made the nipples harden, before I even knew 

what the hardening meant. It was imagining his arms around my body that made my body rouse with 

lust when I did not even understand what the arousal meant. It was the sight of his erect cock, when I 

came home unexpectedly, when I was in high school, that gave me my first orgasm, even though I did not know what the orgasm meant.

I had seen him grow, but the experience of seeing him grow had made me more of a woman too. From 

the confused yearnings of a young girl to the emerging clarity of a teenager had given me an 

understanding of passion and lust. An understanding of what a female body wants. An understanding of 

the thirst that needs quenching and the lust that needs slaking. As both of us had grown, my 

understanding had added to my physical attractions and although I did not know, the world around me 

lusted breathlessly for me, but all my lust was only for him. The world wanted to experience my cunt, while all my cunt wanted was Akshay's cock.antarvasna hindi sexy story

He stopped at a traffic signal and turned to look at me. He smiled and asked how I felt. I told him, this 

was the first party I was attending. He said, it would be fine. Then thought for a moment and said he 

thought it would be best if I .....the light turned green. He left it unsaid. He then started talking of what 

he felt for me. He said from the moment he saw me as a very young boy, when I was born, he had felt I 

was a gift sent especially for me. The overbearing and overprotective attitude of my parents had 

prevented him from doing everything he wanted to do to me. I would have otherwise been made a 

woman long before now. He did have a headstart of five years as it was, being five years older than me. 

Possibly even more as my parents let him free and being such a handsome lad, he would have been 

introduced to carnal pleasures at an early age. He had so much to teach me, so much to tell me and so much pleasure to give to me.antrvasna sexy story

I think a I grew a little bit from a girl to a woman, since along with the thrill of the pleasure to come, 

there was a twinge of jealousy for all the girls and women who had already tasted the pleasure his hard 

male body and hard long cock could give. Lost in these thoughts, I did not pay attention to what he was 

saying. We had reached our destination. We were parked outside the gates of what seemed a farmhouse.

The gates opened and two security men came out. One was slim and fair with a light beard and about 30 

years old. The other was dark and massive, smooth shaven and considerably younger than the other 

guard. The older man saw Akshay and grinned a familiar smile at him. He let us drive in. The gaze of 

the other guy was on me. Akshay called him Sohail and asked who the new guy was? Sohail grinned 

and said it was his cousin Faizi. Then he whispered to Akshay "Aapka bhi naya maal, mera bhi naya 

aadmi. Ho gayana baraabar!" I was suprised that Aksay didnt shout at at for saying this. Instead he grinned and drove in.antravasana hindi sexy story

We parked and walked to the house. It seemed dimly lit and gave the atmosphere of sex, although I did 

not know why I felt that way. Near the entrance, he cursed and said he needed to bring something from 

the car. He asked me to wait there and walked back to the car. A moment later I heard voices. It was the 

two guards talking. Faizi was asking Sohail about us. The older man said that the guys used the farm 

house for their ayyaashi ( decadence). The guys were rais logon ki bigade aulaad ( spoilt sons of rich 

men) who brought in their randiyaan ( whores) to play with. He then said " In ladkon ki randi to garam 

maal hain, sab sone ki chooth wali" ( the sluts of these lads are hot stuff , all with golden cunts). Then 

the massive Faizi asked " Sohail Bhai, kabhi aapne kisi sone chooth ko choda ya choosa hain?" ( Have 

you fucked or tasted any of these golden cunts). Sohail laughed and said" Arey mera kismat mein to 

nahin hain. Magar ek baat hain. In ladkon ne in bhosdiyon ko aapaas mein baatkar chodthe hain." ( I am 

not lucky enough for that. But there is one thing. These lads share and fuck these cunts!).

The last statement had me both aroused and shocked. Why had Akshay brought me here? Then Faizi 

said" Aaj jo aayi hain woh nayi maal hain kya"( is today's slut a new one". When Sohail said yes, Faizi 

replied" Sohail bhai, mujhe aisa lagtha hain woh sirf sone ki chooth nahi, woh kori chooth bhi hain. Ek 

baar mujhe bhi us chooth ko phaadna hain. Ek baar woh maal mere bistar mein aa jaaye to jannat hogi" 

( I think today's cunt is not only a golden one but a virgin one too. I want to tear that cunt. It would be 

heaven if I could get that cunt in my bed at least once"aunty ki chudai antarvasna

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