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Hello friends, as in my previous hot chudai storyFucked friend's mother in his own houseAfter reading you know that I fuck my friend Salim's mother Nafisa.

Today's hot chudai story presents another truth of my and Nafisa aunty's chudai.I could not go to aunty chudai for a long time.

There was a lot of work in my house, so I could not get time to go to aunt's fuck.Many calls had come from Auntie, her ass's desperation was increasing.hindi xxx story maa beta

Then one day when I went to Nafisa Aunty's house in the afternoon, she was alone in the house.I grabbed him from behind and started pressing his big mummies.

My Lauda was rubbing his ass.At first she was shocked… then she got excited as soon as she found me.Auntie had become hot all of a sudden.

I rubbed the cock and asked - is there no one in the house?Rubbing his ass on my cock, he said - Yes Raj, I am alone and very thirsty. Since when have I been calling you?

On hearing this, I opened the auntie's salwar. The salwar slid down and her cool ass got bare in just a small thong tights.Both the butts of Auntie had become bare. I grabbed a bum with one hand and started pressing it. With the other hand, Nafisa started pressing the aunt's nipples.Bhai Ne Ki Behan Ki Chudai

When the fun started increasing, I put my hand in his kurti.She was not wearing a bra on her momma, so that my hand fought directly with her nipples.Auntie's big nipples were not coming in my hand.

The aunt whispered and said - Take off the kurti.I untied his kurti from behind and started stroking his bare back.Now she got excited and started taking off my clothes. Soon Auntie made me naked and started sucking my ladoo in her mouth.sister ki chut story

Her mountain-like nipples in a half-open kurti were shaking naked in front of me.I slowly took off his kurti and started mashing my hindi story maa

She started having fun and was gossiping and sucking the cock inside out.We both forgot that we were in the hall. Although the doors were closed.I took the cocks out of Nafisa Aunty's mouth and laid them down on the carpet; Then pulled off the panties stuck in their smooth marble-like legs.

Auntie's cool chut was blossoming between her two legs.I spread both his legs widening the grip and inserted the finger inside his pussy.'Oui ee die gayee...'I put my finger inside the pussy and said - where is the condom?She said- Ah my Sartaj… no condom… fuck me like this.I spit on the cock and put it in the pussy.

She started saying 'Ahh ahh ahh...'.I accelerated the speed of my ladoo and started moving the ladoo in and out.After ten to twelve bumps, Auntie also became cool and started whistling - ah ah and fast chodo... ah and fast... tear de meri... ah!

By speeding up my speed a lot, I started pouring cocks inside the chute, as well as Nafisa started mashing the aunt's nipples.Auntie's nipples started getting tight in a short time.

Then I took it out of the cockpit and made Nafisa aunty bowed while making a mare on the sofa.Auntie's ass was constantly shaking for the beta x story

I inserted the cock in his pussy from behind and started pounding hard.I climbed all the way over Auntie and lowered both my hands and started mashing her papaya-like nipples.

My cock started jerking on jerks.Then there was a knock on the door. I didn't even hear anything, just increasing the speed of my shaking, kept on fucking aunty gossip.

Then a voice came from outside – Ammi Ammi… Open the door!Both of us stopped breathing and started thinking that today we are trapped.I quickly picked up the clothes of both of us and came to Nafisa's room.

Nafisa put on the gown kept nearby and went to open the door.Salim came in and started asking - Ammi why it took so long… what were you doing and why are you sweating so much!maa beta porn story

Nafisa turned things around and said that I was cleaning my room and the fan was off.Salim didn't say anything.So Nafisa Aunty said to Salim – eat something… bring me some food for you!Salim said - I am tired Ammi… I will rest in my room for some time, then I will eat later.

As soon as Nafisa came to Aunt Salim's room after a while, I grabbed her from behind and took off her gown.Rubbing the cock I asked - what was Salim saying.She said that nothing… he has gone to the room.I made Auntie on her knees and put a cock in her mouth.

She started sucking gossip cocks and I started mashing her momma.Auntie quickly prepared the cock and became a mare on the bed.I inserted the cock into the pussy and grabbed his waist and started choking.She started taking cocks with fun ummah oh ahah aah.

Soon I came to my speed and started throwing cocks in and out.Now Nafisa's aunt's ass was also moving back and forth rapidly and she was starting to take it in a cool cock.sister sex story in hindi

The sexy sound of thump thump was increasing in the room.After some ten minutes of pussy-fucking, Nafisa's aunt's pussy left the water.The cock got wet with the cream of the pussy.maa bete sexy kahani

I took out the cock from the pussy and started rubbing it in the ass of Nafisa aunt.Aunty understood and opened the ass hole.I grabbed his waist and pushed him hard, then the cock went inside the ass.'Ooi ooey died...'aunty voiceWhen I did, I said – speak slowly… Salim will listen.

On hearing this, Auntie closed her voice and I started putting the cock inside out.My cock started running inside and outside in aunt's ass.Now Nafisa Aunty also started moving her ass fast and fast.His muffled voice was coming in the room - Ah ah Raj and the loud pounding let it go inside... and ahh inside!I put my cock in 4th gear and gossip gossip kicked ass.

Soon we both forgot again that there was Salim in the house too.The intoxicating hissers started coming out in a loud voice- Ahhh Nafisa Meri Jaan… I love you…Ah my master my lord. Ah Nafisa I love you too.'You'll always fuck me like this... love like this...'I said- yes my dear… how cool are you.maa beta ki chudai hindi story

Now I was busy in moving the cock in and out fast.Both of us were soaked in sweat and at that very moment my husband released semen.We both lay down clinging.After a while Nafisa put on the gown and went to Salim's room.Nafisa Aunty was very happy to see the sight inside as Salim was sleeping.

Auntie came back and took off her gown and grabbed my maid.I started caressing her boobs, she started mashing the cock in her hands.Auntie started sucking cock and started sucking gossip like lollipop.I too got excited and started putting cock jerks in Auntie's mouth.Then I put Nafisa Aunty on the bed and took both her legs in my hands and inserted the cock in her pussy.sister sex story hindi me

After putting auntie's legs in the air, I started kissing them with fun.She was cheering me up by making a sexy sound of 'Ahh umhh ahhh...'.I put one leg on my shoulder and grabbed his waist and started kissing.'Ahh ah and fuck fuck me... take my ahh ahh...'I also started applying jerks upon shocks.

We both got very hot and were giving each other the fun of sex.After sometime I lay down and Nafisa Aunty sat on my lode.Holding the cock, he set it in the chute and started sitting.

When I lifted the ass from below, then my cock went on entering inside.Now Nafisa Aunty was jumping on my cock and enjoying the fun of sex.It was as if Auntie was fucking me.Nafisa started going deep inside her aunt's pussy and she jumped on the cock with fun and started slamming the ass.

At this time there were equal tremors from both the sides and both were fucking each other.Ten minutes later, Nafisa's aunt's pussy once again released the water, and the wet cock began to hit the uterus inside.I signaled to Nafisa Aunty to get up.She moved from the cock and lay down on the bed.maa bete ki hot kahani

I put two pillows under his waist.When Nafisa's ass came up, I spread the legs and jerked the cock into the ass and started pounding hard.Nafisa started enjoying it and she started shouting 'Ah ah ahah and fuck me my boss... and tear your ass of Nafisa...'.brother and sister sex story in hindi

I started putting cocks in and out of his ass at my full speed.She was also having fun taking cocks in her ass ah ah ah ah ah ah .Today Nafisa Aunty's ass was having different fun; I was pelting the cock deep inside.Only then probably Salim had woken up and was getting his voice. But now I was not going to stop.

I increased the speed of my lauda and started moving in and out quickly. Now Nafisa Aunty's ass itching had subsided a bit.She said - hurry up Raj… Maybe Salim has woken up.I took the cock out and inserted it with a jerk and started pounding hard.

Salim came out of the room and started shouting Ammi Ammi.I increased the speed of the shaking and started chudaning fast.My boyfriend released semen and Nafisa fell in aunt's ass.

Nafisa Aunty, controlling her breath, said - Salim, stop, I am coming.Salim said – what are you doing Ammi?sister sex story 

Nafisa said – I am opening my clothes and applying some medicine. You walk into the room, I bring food to your room.Salim- OK… come quickly I am feeling hungry.Salim went to his room.I took a couple of strokes in Nafisa's ass and took out the cock.

Semen came out from the ass of Nafisa aunt.Then Nafisa stuffed my lauda in her mouth and started sucking gossip and gossip.mum and son ki chudai

She sucked my lauda and cleaned it and came out wearing a gown.I put on my clothes and when Nafisa went to give food to Salim, she secretly came out to her house.maa beta chudai antarvasna

That day, while staying at Salim's house, I was having a lot of fun thinking about it.Once upon a time, Nafisa was kissed in front of Salim in a bed. That day Salim was sleeping drunk.

What was that story and how it happened, I will write it in another sex story.Friends, after reading my hot chudai story, you must comment and mail, thank you,

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