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 My name is Dick. I am a 48 year old prosecution lawyer making a good living, and until a short while ago was well respected in the community. Laura, my wife of ten years, is a classy and sophisticated woman, some 16 years my junior. She is about 5'9", with light brown hair and brown eyes, a great body and incredibly sexy legs. She was the prom queen at her high school, and was head cheerleader in college as well as being very smart. Laura is extremely well educated, having a doctorate in business psychology.

For a long time my wife was a successful businesswoman, helping new companies succeed. During that time, the two of us were both so busy that we did not often get to have sex. Although we were happy, I suspected that this suited Laura because she did not seem to get much enjoyment out of it.Anyway, Laura had worked her way up to the position of Vice President of a new company. Things had gone well for a while, but then the company became bankrupt and laid off everyone, including my wife. Since the company had a bad reputation, Laura found it really hard to get a job. Being a workaholic, she was desperate and tried to use her degree to get work, but the only employment she could find was as a social worker.When she started her new job, one of her first assignments was to be a parole officer and social advisor for a recently released ex-convict. Her aim was to supervise him, help him get a job and an apartment, and generally make him a useful member of society. After being given the assignment, Laura was not happy about it and complained to me that evening.aunty ki chudai kahani

Would you believe," she spat. "They want me to look after some out of control 18 year old nigger. How the hell am I supposed to make something out of him?"At first Laura would come home every night complaining that her charge Jamal was arrogant, rude and uncooperative. She said she would never be able to get through to him, and that she thought he would end up being a serious criminal. Then, after a couple of weeks, she stopped complaining about him and began to come home in a much better frame of mind. She also seemed much happier about her job, and I was seeing her smile much more than she had since before her employment troubles began.You seem to be a lot more relaxed about your job these days," I remarked to her one evening.tamil crossdresser story

Yes," she replied. "Things are much better now, I have found a way of working with Jamal, and he is becoming much more responsive."Just after this, I found that she began coming home later and later from her office. Other things I noticed were the fact that she changed her hairstyle to a much younger look, and began wearing skirts that were much shorter than her usual ones. I even noticed when she was getting ready one morning that she was wearing stockings, something I had never known her do before.

All this began to worry me, and I decided to check out this young ex-con through contacts of mine. They told me that the boy had been accused of raping several white women from the age of ***edited***! Apparently there had never been enough proof of rape, and he had only been to jail for a year on a minor charge of sexual misconduct. I was horrified to hear of all this, and began to worry for my dear wife's safety. I managed to find out Jamal's home address, and decided to go round there to make sure Laura was OK.tamil new kamaveri kathaikal

I arrived at the housing project in a black neighbourhood, and spotted Laura's car in front of the building. I dashed upstairs, and as I approached his apartment door, I was shocked to hear the loud moans of a woman being soundly fucked. It sounded like my Laura! I found the door unlocked, and went in. Looking into one of the rooms, I saw my naked wife on a loose mattress on the floor. Her legs were wide open, and she was being roughly fucked by the 18- year-old criminal with a huge black cock. Laura was covered in sweat from the vigorous shafting she was receiving, and she looked deliriously happy. Despite my feelings of horror and jealousy, I found myself tremendously aroused.As I stood transfixed at the lewd scene before me, Laura turned her head and caught my eye. She said nothing, but gave me a triumphant, self-satisfied smile. At that time, Jamal was unaware of my presence, and was talking to my wife.tamil pundai story

You hate to admit it, you stuck up white whore," the young black snarled. "But you love the feel of big black cock inside you. You can't get enough of it can you? What would your husband think if he saw his darling wife on her knees, sucking on my dick, reaming my ass and then begging me to shove my cock up her unfaithful married white cunt until my balls bang against her ass?"You can ask him," Laura gasped. "He's standing there like an impotent wimp watching you make his wife your personal slut!"Jamal looked round and laughed at me, without interrupting his rhythm.Hi Dick," he said disdainfully. "Or little dick as your wife now calls you. You just stand there and watch as a black teenager takes your wife away from you. Who's the best slut?"You Jamal, you know you are," my wife gasped. "Ever since the first time you forced your cock into my cunt, I can't do without it. Show him how a black man treats his married white slut, let him know that you can take me any time you want whether he likes it or not!"tamil athai kamakathaikal

That's right little dick," Jamal grinned at me. "She's mine now. Tell him how it feels baby."Oh it feels so fucking good Dick," she moaned. "Nobody has ever made me feel like this. He's right, I do belong to him now, he will be fucking me any time and anywhere he wants. Fuck me harder Jamal, show him how hard you make me come, when you empty those big black balls into my willing white womb!"To my shame I stood rooted to the spot, as the young man continued to ram his thick cock into my wife's well-stretched pussy. It went on for a further twenty minutes before Jamal groaned and shot his load into Laura, accompanied by a loud scream of pleasure from her. As she calmed down, she snuggled up to her lover.See, I told you I had found a way to work with my new master!" she smiled happily. "All I have to do is open my mouth and my legs for him, and we get on just fine!" The two of them laughed at this.

I am glad you found out," she went on. "So that I could show you how superior black cocks are. My young master has been fucking white women since he was ***edited*** years old, and believe me he knows exactly how to please them!"You had better go home now," Jamal told me. "Your wife has a lot more cock to take yet. Why not jerk yourself off when you get home, picturing the two of us together?"That's a good idea," added my wife. "Because from now on that is all you will be able to do. Only Jamal will fuck me in future, so you had better get used to it!"I left the apartment feeling wretched, with the derisive laughter of my wife and her black lover ringing in my ears.It was very late when Laura got home that night. I was already in bed, but unable to sleep. She sauntered into the bedroom with a huge grin on her face, and began to undress.Did you enjoy watching your wife being fucked properly this afternoon?" she taunted. "Jamal is good isn't he? And the size of his cock! The first time I saw it I nearly fainted, but now I can't wait to get out of the house in the morning so that I can feel it inside me again!""teacher kamakathaikal

She removed the rest of her clothing, and flaunted her naked body at me. Her tits were covered with red marks where Jamal had mauled them, and there were love bites all over them and her neck. Laura moved close to me, and parted her pussy lips.Jamal wanted me to show you this," she told me, as I saw his cum bubbling inside her. "He has just fucked me again, outside in the car. He won't let you fuck me any more, but says I can jerk you off if you will suck his jism out of me. What do you say?""I had felt so aroused at that afternoon's events, and now the sight of my wife's well used body, that I shamefully agreed to her terms. She wanted to make it humiliating for me, so she made me kneel in front of her to suck her lover's juice out of her. Although I found it unpleasant, my cock was rigid. When I had finished, the two of us got into bed.teacher kamakathaikal

How long has this all been going on?" I asked as Laura took my cock in her hand.He has been forcing that monster into every one of my holes for the past three weeks," she replied, gently stroking me. "And I love it! I don't feel any shame or guilt like I thought I would, because I now know that you have never been good enough to satisfy me. You have never been on top of me long enough to make me sweat the way Jamal did this afternoon, and so frankly I don't care how humiliating or upsetting this is for you. I will stay with you if that is what you want, but we will live like brother and sister."

I had already come long before she finished what she was saying, and Realised that I could not compete with what the young black had to offer. Reluctantly, I agreed to what she was suggesting.The following Monday, Laura left for work carrying a suitcase. When I asked what it was for, she informed me that she would be staying with Jamal for a few days, so they could really get to know one another. I of course, had no choice but to accept this.She returned four days later, highly elated and soundly fucked. She informed me Jamal would be coming around at the weekend.tamil kamakathaikal story

He wants to fuck me in our bed, to show you he is my master and your superior," she said. "I think that is a wonderful idea, you will really know your place now. I suggest you make up the bed in the guest room, you will be in there all weekend, no doubt listening with your cock in your hand while another man carries out your husbandly duties!" She laughed uproariously at this, and my downcast expression.Hi Jerkoff," laughed Jamal, as I let him in on Saturday morning. "It must really piss you off to have your wife taken over by a young black stud less than half your age, even more to know that he is going to fuck her in the bed that you and she have shared for the last ten years!"At that moment, Laura ran downstairs to greet her lover. She was barefoot, and dressed only in a flimsy black nightie she had bought specially for this weekend. She threw her arms around Jamal, and gave him a long open-mouthed kiss as I stood by like a spare prick.I am ready for a whole weekend of debauchery," she told him. "I warn you, I don't intend to leave that cock of yours alone for a second!"

Fine with me slut," laughed Jamal. "I intend to leave you tomorrow night with a very sore pussy and ass!" They both laughed, and hugged each other tight.Dinner was very uncomfortable for me, as the two of them sat opposite me; kissing and cuddling like a couple of teenagers on their first date. When we had finished, I washed up while the two of them sat on the sofa together in the lounge. As I returned and sat in the armchair, Jamal sat my wife on his lap facing me.While I watched, Laura pulled her nightie right up to her neck, while her lover mauled her right tit with one hand, while playing with her pussy with the other.tamil kamakathaikal amma

Should you be doing this to his wife right in front of him?" Laura laughed, as she enjoyed his fondling. "Especially as the poor man is getting no sex at all. Look Dick, isn't he awful making free with your wife's body right in front of your eyes?"The two of them carried on with their foreplay unashamedly, and with no thought for my feelings. I felt sick with jealousy, and at the same time angry with myself for allowing this to happen with no word of protest. I was an abject coward, and my wife and her new lover knew it and revelled in it.

Come on," said my wife at last. "Take me upstairs and fuck me senseless, I want us to cuckold him in his own bed."Yeah, that idea turns me on too," added her lover as they got up.We will leave the bedroom door open," Laura told me.Yeah and you leave your open too, when you get to bed," Jamal instructed. "We want you to hear clearly what I am going to be doing to your wife tonight."I did too. Every gasp, every moan, every cry of "Jamal, I love you baby" wafted into my room. I had to listen to my wife acting like a complete whore, begging the young black man for more cock and urging him to fill her with his black cum. Eventually I fell asleep, knowing that I had lost Laura completely to this arrogant young black stud.A few weeks after that weekend, Laura announced that Jamal had to leave his apartment, and that he would be moving in with us permanently.tamil sex kamaveri

As far as I am concerned," she told me. "He will be the master of the house, and he will sleep with me permanently. You will stay in the guest room from now on as the lodger, while Jamal and I live as husband and wife."And that is how it was. Jamal lorded it over me, with my wife's full approval and encouragement. They would flaunt their lovemaking in front of me, and my wife would tease and taunt me with her sexy body at every opportunity, for their enjoyment and my frustration. The final humiliation for me came some two months later.Jamal," said my wife, as the two of them sat on the sofa. "When you fucked those other white women, did you make any of them pregnant?"A few," he laughed. "It really pissed their husbands off, trying to explain black babies to their relatives and friends! Why do you ask?"Because I want to take out my diaphragm, and have you put a baby inside me."

Oh no please!" I begged.Shut your mouth!" my wife snapped. "It has nothing to do with you! Right," agreed her lover. "If she wants me to swell her belly and give her my black baby, that's our business. Go upstairs honey, and take it out. I will be up shortly to fill your belly with my potent black cum, I will have you pregnant in no time!"That was three years ago. Laura now has two sons, Leroy and Jamal Jr, and is trying for a little girl. She and Jamal are closer than ever, and still manage to go out a lot and have great fun together.

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